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Indigenous information center

We support disseminating information about indigenous peoples’ rights in Russia and violations of these rights by third parties, including the state and businesses. Through this work, ICIPR partners with the Information Center “Indigenous Russia” and other media inside and outside Russia. 

The main idea of this work is to provide information about international events and indigenous rights development for indigenous communities in Russia and, conversely, disseminate information from the Russian indigenous communities to the general public. 

Because of the War, since the beginning of 2022, this has become a much more difficult task. A lot of independent media was prohibited in Russia or escaped from the country and had to work outside. 

In July 2022, the “Indigenous Russia” web page was blocked by the Russian government and is not available from Russia without VPN. Considering these unfortunate circumstances, we are trying to develop new information channels for the Russian audience, including creating Telegram and YouTube channels and WhatsApp groups. 

To receive more information, please contact –  icipr.info@gmail.com