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Seminar: The war’s impact on Indigenous peoples of Russia

Russia’s military attack on Ukraine has significantly impacted the life of Indigenous Peoples in Russia. One of the implications of this situation is that some Indigenous representatives who have openly opposed Russia’s actions in Ukraine, have had to leave their native land for security reasons. For Indigenous peoples, the connection to their land is an integral part of their culture.  

There are many Sámi activists who fled Russia after the start of the war in Ukraine. This event will address the impact of the war on relations between the Sámi on the Russian side of the border and Sámi on the Norwegian side of the border. What is the current situation of the Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East after the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

In this event we will meet representatives of the Sámi People of Kola Peninsula.

Panel: Andrei Danilov, Aleksandr Slupachik, Andrei Zhvavyi, Valentina Sovkina, Dmitry Berezhkov.