Главная News News Statement by the organizations of Indigenous Peoples of Russia on the “Election” of the president of the Russian Federation

Statement by the organizations of Indigenous Peoples of Russia on the “Election” of the president of the Russian Federation

So-called “regular elections of the President of the Russian Federation” took place March 15-17, 2024. For many years, these have served only as a plebiscite to confirm Vladimir Putin’s powers. These recent “elections” are notable for the fact that he was also “elected” as an international criminal wanted by the International Criminal Court.

We all know that during the years of Putin’s rule, Russia has become a state with a repressive totalitarian regime and the complete absence of freedom and democracy. Under these conditions, the Kremlin has turned elections into a cynical farce, a means of further usurpation of power, making a power change by election almost impossible. Everything that makes elections well and truly fair and democratic in normal countries has been limited, distorted, prohibited, or is under threat of persecution by the current government’s security and law enforcement agencies. 

Today’s “elections” are not free, honest, or legal. 

In Russia, these “elections” are taking place in the context of an aggressive war of conquest against Ukraine unleashed by the Putin’s regime, including threats to use nuclear weapon. This not only causes irreparable harm to Indigenous peoples, but also threatens the security of all humanity.

We call on the authorities of democratic nations to: 

  1. Refuse recognition of V. Putin as the legitimately elected president of the Russian Federation;
  2. Intensify the collection of evidence and investigation of the international crimes committed by the Putin’s regime against humanity and mankind, including representatives of Indigenous peoples; and
  3. Conduct special parliamentary hearings about the grossest violations of the rights of Indigenous peoples of Russia.
  • International Committee of Indigenous Peoples of Russia Free Yakutia Foundation
  • Oirat-Kalmyk People’s Congress
  • New Tyva Antiwar Movement
  • National movement for independence of Buryatia «Tusgaar Buryat-Mongolia» 
  • Information Center Indigenous Russia
  • Indigenous of Russia Foundation
  • Saami Heritage and Development Fund
  • Maria Vyushkova, Buryat activist, Research scientist (University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA)
  • International Indigenous Fund for Development and Solidarity «Batani»
  • Antiwar decolonial initiative of Indigenous Peoples of Russia «Yurt Community»